Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks. ~ Dr. Seuss

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The Pickle-Chiffon Pie Olympics

The Pickle-Chiffon Pie Olympics
by Jolly Roger Bradfield (Author, Illustrator)

A Boisterous Sequel!

 Princess Sierra returns home after graduating from Princess College. She is ready to get married. This “flaming red hair” beauty wants to marry her sweetheart with “curly hair and dimples” – Prince Charminger. But her father, King Rupert doesn’t find the prince so charming. So what does he do? He arranges a Pickle-Chiffon Pie Olympics. A competition where the would-be-suitors compete to win the princess’s hand in marriage.

Pickle Pie Olympics 2

Roger Bradfield was forced out of his retirement to write The Pickle-chiffon pie Olympics as a sequel to the Pickle-Chiffon Pie which was written almost 50 years ago! The characters  have interesting names and so do the games themselves. The dragon wrestling, giant climbing and moat swimming games will leave you wanting for more  The events in the Olympics are stamped with his highness royal seal there is not a chance even an adult will doubt its authenticity!

Pickle Pie Olympics 1

Pickle Pie Olympics 3

We love reading this book. It is so playful and fun with funny contestant characters, unusual and silly Olympic events and even a surprise ending! The book is illustrated with fun watercolors paired with silly, but comical story. This book is such a silly read aloud story for both adults and kids.

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Lotta’s bike

Lotta’s bike
by  Astrid Lindgren(Author), Ilon Wikland (Illustrator)

 Super Sweet!

Little Lotta knows that she can ride a bike! She has seen her brother and sister riding their outside their house so many times. Now Lotta is hoping to get her own bicycle for her upcoming 5th birthday! On the day of her birthday, Lotta gets many many gifts. But a bike is not one of them.

Lotta's Bike inside

So Lotta decides to “borrow” her neighbor Mrs. Bergs’ bike. But Mrs’ Bergs’ bike is too big for her to ride! And the hill she decides to climb is much too steep. Poor Lotta ends up falling into a rose bush and learns the hard way that she just can’t ride *any* bicycle after all! She needs one that is just right for her size

Lotta decides that her birthday has been a disaster. But just then, dad comes home from work in the evening and gives Lotta the surprise that she has been waiting for — a bike that was just the right size for little Lotta.

Lotta's Bike inside 2

The author of Pippi Longstocking books, Astrid Lindgren creates another mischievous and independent character “Lotta”. “Lotta’s Bike” is an adorable story of Lotta who we loved to empathize as she struggles to resolve a situation. The stories around Lotta are everyday stories of this little girl that often comes with a moral for young readers.  The illustrations are warm and lovely. They highlight the warm cozy neighborhood of the small town.

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Custard and Company

Custard and Company
by Ogden Nash (Author/Poet), Quentin Blake (Illustrator)

Tickle your funny bone!

An illustrated collection of 80 + humorous poems on variety of topics like animals, food and life! From the simplest verse appealing to children “ There goes the Wapiti, Hippety-hoppity!” to verses like “Children aren’t happy with nothing to ignore, And that’s what parents were created for…” there are numerous poems to please everyone in the family. Ogden Nash’s unconventional rhymes and droll verse makes him one of the country’s most popular humorous poets.

Custard and Company 3

Custard and Company 2

Ogden Nash verses are super silly and an enormous fun to read out aloud! The typical black and white art from Quentin Blake provide visual humor to these poems. It has been a big hit with our family, picking and laughing at few verses every day.

Here’s one of my favorites:-

Custard and Company 1

If you have enjoyed Shel Silverstein poems, then this collection is a must read!

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The Frances Audio Collection

The Frances Audio Collection
by  Russell Hoban(Author), Glynis Johns (Narrator)

Bedtime favorites in Audio!

We have read these lovely books before, so we were excited to find this collection of Audio books to listen to. This collection includes :

Bedtime for Frances 

A Baby sister for Frances 

Bread and Jam for Frances 

A Birthday for Frances

We have been listening to these stories on a loop non-stop at home and in the car. The sequence of the stories are well laid out starting with Frances as a young girl postponing her bedtime and ending with Frances coping with her little sister Gloria’s birthday.

Frances Audio Collection

First time listeners may find it hard to follow some instances like when Frances is describing a chomp-o-bar to her dad or when she complains about younger siblings to Albert. It helps to have read the book before. Nevertheless, listeners will quickly comprehend after hearing it again.

Glynis Johns has narrated the story so wonderfully. It is such a delight listening to her as she speaks with an English accent. Her rendition of Frances songs make it worthwhile listening to again and again. This became an instant favorite audio-book in our family.

Frances Audio Collection 1

Want to know which of the Frances song has given us an earworm?

“Rainbows and happy trees are not for Alice or for me,

I will draw three-legged cats and caterpillars with ugly hats. “

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The Three Little Witches Storybook

The Three Little Witches Storybook
by  Georgie Adams (Author)

 “Hickety-pickety” “Wippety-woppet”

Welcome to the enchanted world of Magic Wood! This is the home of three little witches Zara, Ziggy and Zoe – along with Wizard Wink, a baby dragon,  a few troll children, two wizard boys and horrible Melissa( who does her best to create trouble). This is the world where letters sprout wings, signpost talks, television turn themselves on  and cookbooks read out recipes correctly (well, most of the time anyways !). We follow Zara, Ziggy and Zoe through eight delightful stories as they plan on hosting an awesome Halloween party. Their adventures are filled with magic, spells, rhymes and not to forget a whole lot of fun.

Three LIttle Witches Storybook Zoe Ziggy Zott

When I first started reading this book, my daughter was engrossed in the lively action of the three adorable witches. She couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. And right after I finished reading, all I heard was – “Again!” Smile After reading it several times, she now reads her favorite chapters and repeats her favorite spells. Our favorite trick was the “mirror-reading” trick that the witches learnt at Wizard Wink’s school. The rhymes and spells are catchy and will make you laugh out loud.

Three LIttle Witches Storybook Talking Signpost

“Tiddle-Tum Tay. Muddle Whirl Away.

Bim-Bam-Boom. Tidy Up This Room”.

The Three Little Witches Storybook is wonderful find! It is a great read for any child who loves imaginative play. There is even a map of Magic Wood to satisfy the fantasy fanatic in your home! The bright and colorful illustrations on every page makes it appealing to young listeners.

Three LIttle Witches Storybook Map

This “story book” is a short story collection especially geared for early readers. Each short story is fast paced. Readers can’t wait to find out what comes next!  I can’t say whether my daughter liked it more or I did Wink

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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Even An Ostrich Needs a Nest

Even An Ostrich Needs a Nest
by Irene Kelly (Author, Illustrator)

What do birds need to build nests?

Did you know that some birds like the Murres don’t build a nest at all! These seabirds lay eggs straight on the edges of cliffs. The Murres don’t worry about their eggs rolling off the cliff because these eggs are pointy and roll into a tight circle when nudged. Cuckoos and Cowbirds don’t build nests too. But these sneaky birds cheat! They lay their eggs in other birds’ nests!


Even OstrichesMurres


Small birds like the Hummingbird needs small nests because their eggs are the size of a ping pong balls. But gigantic and heavy birds like the Bald Eagles need  larger nests because their eggs can be quite  large!

Some birds even share nests. The Gila Woodpecker and the Elf Owl shares nests and look after each others babies.

Some birds have simple nests while others build really elaborate ones. For example, the Bowerbird spends months creating a nest in shape of a hut complete with an arched doorway! Ingenious!

Even Ostriches BowerBird

Even Ostriches Simple Nest

“Even and Ostrich needs a nest” is a great book to read to children of all ages. It covers nearly 40 different kinds of nests. The author claims that every species finds a way to create a cozy nest that is a perfect home for raising a family. The book highlights the different types of materials used by birds to build their nests and how we can help birds everywhere to build their nests. A helpful map at the end shows where to find these birds in different parts of the world.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your binoculars and begin your very own bird/nest safari!

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Miss Nelson is Missing!

Miss Nelson is Missing!
by Harry G. Allard (Author), James Marshall (Illustrator)

“Come back!”

Miss Nelson is the nicest teacher in school. She always smiles and speaks in a sweet voice. She speaks nicely even when her students are misbehaving. They misbehave all day every day.. flying paper planes during class, sticking spitballs to the ceiling  and whispering, giggling and making faces!! Finally, Miss Nelson cannot take it anymore. She decides to do something about it.

She goes missing! Just when the kids get ready to celebrate (with more bad behavior!), the substitute teacher Miss Viola Swamp shows up.

Miss Nelson Miss Swamp

And.. she is the exact opposite of Miss Nelson. She is stern, speaks in an very unpleasant voice and dresses up like a witch. She makes the students work hard, gives them lots of homework and even skips story hour!! She tells them – “If you misbehave, you’ll be sorry”. The students miss Miss Nelson. They search for her high and low wondering what could have happened to her. Eventually, Miss Nelson returns and students are ecstatic and decide to stop being rude or silly.

Just when everything is back to normal, someone else goes missing! Its Miss Viola Swap!

Miss Swamp SPOILER: As parents read it, they will quickly realize that Miss Nelson and Miss Viola Swamp are one and the same! But author Harry Allard will baffle young listeners about what happened to “their”  Miss Nelson.

This is such a fun and silly story to read out loud for younger children. One important lesson for kids in this story is to be appreciative of the people around them and not take advantage of their kindness. We had some really interesting conversations with our then preschooler about the missing teacher. Now after a couple of years when we revisited this book, my kindergartner caught up on the story and pointed out that Miss Nelson and Miss Viola Swamp was one and the same.

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by Quentin Blake (Author, Illustrator)

“What is a Zagazoo” you ask?

George and Bella are a happy couple. They  spend much of their time making model airplanes, and eating strawberry-and-vanilla ice cream . One day they receive a package. In it, is a lovely little baby with a tag saying its name is “Zagazoo”. George and Bella are delighted! At first, they have a nice time playing with Zagazoo and changing his diapers. But one day they wake up to find Zagazoo turn into a vulture!!… and then an elephant, a warthog, a bad tempered dragon, a bat and a strange hairy creature.

Zagazoo by Quentin Blake

Just as they have had enough and ask – “What will become of us?” – Zagazoo transforms into this handsome young man with perfect manners!! And then he goes off , gets engaged and comes back home with his fiancé. This time, its Zagazoo who is left surprised! Because George and Bella have turned into _________ you’ll never guess

Zagazoo inside 2

A delightful, funny and simple story with few words. The parable of parenting is beautifully presented and any adult reading will totally appreciate it. As Zagazoo goes through different stages of childhood, he turns into all kinds of different creatures. While the children will find it funny as Zagazoo changes forms, the parents reading the story can relate to the “Zagazoos” in their own lives.

Quentin Blake is best known for his illustrations of Roald Dahl books. We love the casual freehand drawings and watercolor illustrations. They are  fun and whimsical. That’s why he is on our  favorite illustrators list!

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Countdown to Kindergarten

Countdown to Kindergarten
by Alison McGhee(Author), Harry Bliss (Illustrator)

Delightfully Sweet!

School starts in ten days.  An anxious five year old girl gets up and announces “ I am in BIG trouble”. Recently a first grader told her “All About Kindergarten”. The first grader told her that school is all about Rules! There is a rule for everything. You can’t bring your cat to school and you can’t bring your stuffed toy to school. And the most important rule of all:- You can’t ask for help, even if you can’t tie your own shoe laces. What if she is the ONLY one who can’t tie shoe laces!!

Countdown to kindergarten inside 2

As the days count down towards school, little girl is hard at work figuring out how to get the dreaded shoe laces on. Will she be ready in time for school? What if all the other kids know how to tie their own shoe laces and she can’t??

Countdown to kindergarten inside 1

This is a fantastic story to ease any kind of fears a five year old may have before starting Kindergarten. As the first day of school approaches, little girl gets creative and finds interesting ways to solve the problem! The story gets funny as the little girl imagines Worst Possible Cases she might face at school. But as she reluctantly begins her first day of Kindergarten, our little heroine is pleasantly surprised at what her friends can or cannot do

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