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The Frances Audio Collection

The Frances Audio Collection
by  Russell Hoban(Author), Glynis Johns (Narrator)

Bedtime favorites in Audio!

We have read these lovely books before, so we were excited to find this collection of Audio books to listen to. This collection includes :

Bedtime for Frances 

A Baby sister for Frances 

Bread and Jam for Frances 

A Birthday for Frances

We have been listening to these stories on a loop non-stop at home and in the car. The sequence of the stories are well laid out starting with Frances as a young girl postponing her bedtime and ending with Frances coping with her little sister Gloria’s birthday.

Frances Audio Collection

First time listeners may find it hard to follow some instances like when Frances is describing a chomp-o-bar to her dad or when she complains about younger siblings to Albert. It helps to have read the book before. Nevertheless, listeners will quickly comprehend after hearing it again.

Glynis Johns has narrated the story so wonderfully. It is such a delight listening to her as she speaks with an English accent. Her rendition of Frances songs make it worthwhile listening to again and again. This became an instant favorite audio-book in our family.

Frances Audio Collection 1

Want to know which of the Frances song has given us an earworm?

“Rainbows and happy trees are not for Alice or for me,

I will draw three-legged cats and caterpillars with ugly hats. “

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Mouse and the Motorcycle

Mouse and the Motorcycle
by Beverly Cleary (Author), B.D. Wong (Narrator)

A Mouse , a Boy and a Motorcycle!

Ralph, the mouse and his family are residents of the Mountain View Inn. Ralph is hoping that his “room” in the motel hosts a family with little kids because kids tend to make a big food mess. So he is quite disappointed to meet Keith a much older boy who is less likely to make a mess. Until he spies a shiny red toy motorcycle in Keith’s toys.


Image Credit: Damon on

Adventurous Ralph is excited and can’t wait to get a ride on it. He sits on the motorcycle and accidentally rolls off the table into a waste basket! Keith discovers the little mouse and soon the two become good friends. Keith allows Ralph to ride his motorcycle and even brings food for him and his family.

This is a wonderful story to listen to. The language is simple and Wong does not disappoint. The story is imaginative and full of adventure. It’s a tale of friendship, loyalty, sharing and selflessness. Wong’s narration is complete with all the motorcycle sounds and different voice over’s for different characters of the story. We enjoyed listening to this story. Can’t wait to read the book too!

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Raggedy Andy Stories

Raggedy Andy Stories
by Johnny Gruelle (Author), Swoosie Kurtz (Narrator)

Before Toy Story there was…

Raggedy Andy arrives in the mail one day and finally is reunited with his sister Raggedy Ann. Raggedy Andy meets the French Doll, Uncle Clem, Henny the Dutch doll and of course the family’s dog Fido. To celebrate Andy’s arrival they have a nice little dance followed by a good old-fashioned pillow fight!  And when the family is away, Andy suggests making candy and doing a taffy pull. What fun!

Raggedy Andy Stories inside

Stories included in this series:

  • How Raggedy Andy Came
  • The Nursery Dance
  • The Spinning Wheel
  • The Taffy Pull
  • The Rabbit Chase
  • Raggedy Andy’s SMile
  • The Wooden Horse
  • Making Angels in the Snow

This is a wonderful set of stories to listen to whether at home or on a drive. Emmy award winning actress, Swoosie Kurtz, narrates the story in the right tone and mood. Raggedy Andy’s compassion and cheery disposition is infectious. The stories are filled with kindness and good intentions. We found many positive virtues and values in the Raggedy Andy Stories collections.

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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Rapunzel and Other Classics of Childhood

Rapunzel and Other Classics of Childhood
by Various Authors (Authors), Robby Benson (Reader), Dudley Moore (Reader)

Classics read by Celebrities

This audio-book is a collection of 3 favorite tales : Rapunzel (read by Robby Benson),  Rumplestiltskin, and The Princess on the Glass Hill (read by Dudley Moore). We all know about the Rapunzel and Rumplestiltskin stories. The Princess on the Glass Hill is a Norwegian tale about the youngest son among three boys who secretly obtains a magical horse. He has to perform 3 feats and with the help of his special horse, he soon wins the hand of the princess.

What we loved about this story collection was the background music and sound effects. It felt like watching a movie with your eyes closed. Benson and Moore do an excellent job of story telling.. the voices are clear and the story is read out slow enough for the kids to understand. This set is definitely more suited to the 5+ age group as the music sometimes gets intense and might scare the very little ones. But for older kids, they will enjoy these well known stories re-told in a dramatic way.

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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A Bear Called Paddington

A Bear Called Paddington
by Michael Bond (Author), Stephen Fry (Narrator)

“Things are always happening to me!”

Alittle bear has traveled all the way from Peru and has landed on the Paddington station in England. The Brown family are the first to meet him. They are not sure what he is called and the bear is not sure what his name is! So “Paddington” bear comes to live with the Brown family and some really extra ordinary things start to happen….

Paddington Bear is a classic and has its place in children’s literature for a reason. Kids and adults will love the bear’s silly escapades. The stories will leave you laughing and wanting more! Stephen Fry’s wonderful British accent is a charm to hear. We loved listening to the stories on this CD, but can’t wait to read the books too. Have a long drive ahead? Grab this set

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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Tell Me A Story

Tell Me A Story
by Amy Friedman (Author)

Timeless Folktales from around the world

Highly recommended! Although this book is categorized as a children’s audio book, it is so well made that even the older audiences will enjoy listening to these “Timeless” tales. The “Tell Me a Story” is a collection of short stories (8 stories) narrated by some of the best screen/stage talent. These folktales from different parts of the world have a moral at the end of each tale. From Africa to America and from Scotland to Turkey, these stories offer a glimpse into the culture of the people from these countries. My 5 year old loved this set. She could easily relate to the lessons in these stories and was eager to discuss those with me. I have read/heard some of these tales in my childhood and was delighted to share them with my daughter.

We can’t wait to get the next two in this series “Tell Me A Story 2: Animal Magic” and “Tell Me A Story 3: Women of Wonder”

The first set CD contains:

1. A Sense of Theft – read by Lore Ada Jaroslow

2. Anansi and Turtle’s Feast – read by Rick Hall

3. The Selkie Bride – read by Lauren Tom

4. Two Frogs from japan – read by Jack McGee

5. The Clever Girl – read by Charlayne Woodard

6. Searching for Fear – read by Poppy Champlin

7. Rabbit on the Moon – read by William Thomas Jr.

8. The Boatman’s howling Daughter – read by Kathleen Wilhoite

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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The Elephant’s Child

The Elephant’s Child
by Rabbit Ears (Author), Jack Nicholson (Narrator)

A Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So” Story

Never knew that we would love Jack Nicholson’s narration of this classic Just So story! The “insatiable child” (an elephant baby) is curious about everything in the forest. But all his elders spank him for being so “bold” and asking so many questions. So one day when he asks “what does the crocodile have for dinner?” he gets an unusual amount of spanking. But this time, he is determined to find an answer. And so begins his journey through the vast lands of Africa to the Limpopo river..

Jack Nicholson’s narration and Bobby McFerrin’s sound effects and music adds a distinct charm to this tale. The African beats and sounds in this cultural folktale along with the colorful descriptions of the wildlife (Kolokolo bird, bi-colored python rock snakes, hippos and baboons) will transport you to Africa. This easy going narration of The Elephant’s Child (Jack Nicholson is NOT scary i promise ) is storytelling at its best!

Find it here: Library (CD), Amazon (CD), Better World Books (book)

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The Boxcar Children

The Boxcar Children
by Gertrude Chandler Warner (Author), Phyllis Newman (Reader)


Four orphaned siblings, Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny find themselves in a small town looking for food and shelter. They refuse to go to their grandfather because they are frightened of him. So they find themselves taken in by the baker and his wife. But the wife does not like little boys and decide to separate the four children, keeping only the older ones with them. Fortunately, the kids find out and steal out in the middle of the night. They walk far.. very far. But they don’t stop because being separated is not an option. Finally, in the woods they find shelter. An abandoned old boxcar makes for a perfect “home”. Quickly the four settle in. The eldest Henry goes out to earn some money and food.

We have heard many books on cds, but this story is by far one of the best. We can’t wait until we can read the book by ourselves. Phyllis Newman’s voice over is fantastic. The combination of the well written, simple worded text along with the clear slow delivery makes it a wonderful story to listen to. We have heard this story many many times and remains our most borrowed item from the library.

The story itself is a super simple story. The characters of Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny are so very endearing that you can imagine them living in the boxcar. The story will surely transport you to a different time and space. Whether you read this book or decide to listen to it, it will leave you wanting to go back for more.

There are very few books that are so well written for children.. I am glad that we found this one!

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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