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Winter Eyes

line Winter Eyes
by Douglas Florian (Author, Illustrator)

Small Quiet Poems

Look at winter with winter eyes” says Douglas Florian in his opening poem in this book. His 48 poems draw out the beauty of winter in different places and different spaces. Winter is sometimes a windy song, and other times a song of hail. Winter is sweet scent of black birch and rustling oak leaves, crackling ice and sloshy wet sleet.

Florian’s poems have a natural rhythm and rhyme. This is very appealing to children. His short one page poems highlight simple ideas on Winter and the easy text is enjoyable even to 4 or 5 year olds. Florian illustrates his poems in watercolors which adds to the “winter charm”. A lovely collection of poems. We read and re-read this many times over.

Winter Eyes inside

Poem: The Winter Tree

The winter tree
is fast asleep.
She dreams, in reams
Of snow knee-deep,
Of children climbing
Up her trunk,
Of white-tailed deer
And gray chipmunk,
Of picnics,
And short-sleeves,
 And leaves
  And leaves
   And leaves
    And leaves.

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