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Scrawny Cat

line Scrawny Cat
by Phyllis Root(Author), Alison Friend (Illustrator)

Heartwarming seafaring tale!

A lonely scrawny cat used to belong to someone and someone belonged to the cat. She would scratch his ears, let him lick her chin and call the cat by his name. But now everyone calls him “Get out of here!”. When a snarling dog chases the cat into a dinghy, the cat seeks shelter inside the little boat. The rain and storm then blow so hard that the dinghy floats away from the shore into the vast wide open sea. The scrawny sailor cat sails far but  finally spots a shoreline and a tiny house on the little mountain. But would the scrawny cat get chased out from there too?

Scrawny Cat inside

This is a heartwarming tale with simple narration that young animals loving kids would love to read. The illustrations of the scrawny cat will bring out empathy in the readers even if you don’t particularly like cats. A sweet and gentle story.

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