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Along a Long Road

line Along a Long Road
by Frank Viva (Author, Illustrator)

Simple Story, Awesome Artwork

What happens when you see a really long road and have a bike to ride! Frank Viva takes you on a trip around a neighborhood on this long yellow winding,  sometimes bumpy, inside tunnels and along the bridge through the city on a bike. Along the way you see a coast, some towers, a small town, a coffee shop, an ice-cream truck and so much more!

Along a long road inside

What is unique about this book is the simple story of a boy enjoying the ride and an amazing art job with 5 basic colors to illustrate the entire book. Overall you would call this book a visual treat. It is no wonder that Franks Viva’s work got him numerous awards (NYT’s best illustrated, School Library Journal’s Best Books, Chicago Public Library Best of the Best to name just a few).

Along a long road inside 2

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