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Grandpa Green

line Grandpa Green
by Lane Smith (Author, Illustrator)

Garden of Memories

What a beautiful book.  This is a story about Grandpa who when he as a boy lived on a farm. When he was a kid he got the chickenpox. When he grew up he became a soldier. He met his future wife, married and settled down. And they had kids and many grand-kids and a great great grand kid. Now Grandpa Green is old and forgets things… but his beautiful garden reminds him of what he forgets..

Grandpa Green inside

Follow this story about Grandpa Green from the eyes of his great great grand child. Lane Smith has created a fantastic visual world of memories in the shape of topiary trees. The bright lush green yard feels magical and rich with stories. Reading this book makes you want to go out on a treasure hunt in a garden of green..

Grandpa Green kiss

This is truly an extra-ordinary picture book. We took our time turning the pages as each page made you want to look at the small moments captured there. Visually exciting, but wonderful to read..

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