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Rapunzel and Other Classics of Childhood

line Rapunzel and Other Classics of Childhood
by Various Authors (Authors), Robby Benson (Reader), Dudley Moore (Reader)

Classics read by Celebrities

This audio-book is a collection of 3 favorite tales : Rapunzel (read by Robby Benson),  Rumplestiltskin, and The Princess on the Glass Hill (read by Dudley Moore). We all know about the Rapunzel and Rumplestiltskin stories. The Princess on the Glass Hill is a Norwegian tale about the youngest son among three boys who secretly obtains a magical horse. He has to perform 3 feats and with the help of his special horse, he soon wins the hand of the princess.

What we loved about this story collection was the background music and sound effects. It felt like watching a movie with your eyes closed. Benson and Moore do an excellent job of story telling.. the voices are clear and the story is read out slow enough for the kids to understand. This set is definitely more suited to the 5+ age group as the music sometimes gets intense and might scare the very little ones. But for older kids, they will enjoy these well known stories re-told in a dramatic way.

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