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line Creatrilogy!
by Peter H Reynolds (Author, Illustrator)

For the Love of ART!

DOT Vashti is NOT an artist. Yet her teacher expects to express herself on paper. She has a blank piece of paper in front of her and she is staring at it real hard. The art class is over. All the kids are done. Vashti is still sitting staring at her blank paper. “I just CAN’T draw!” she says to her art teacher. Her teacher tries to talk to her. Gently encouraging and using witty remarks tries to inspire her student to think outside her limitations.. to forget that she can’t draw. But what Vashti hears is “Just make a mark and see where it takes you”. So thats exactly what she does. She stabs at the paper and sees a big dab angry colored “Dot”. Thus begins her journey into the world of “art”!

Dot 2Dot

Ish Ramon loves to draw. He draws anytime, anywhere and anything. But one day his older brother Leon makes fun of his drawing. Ramon is sad, upset and then furious. He crumples up his drawing and throws it down on the floor. Just then his little sister Marisol walks in, picks up the crumpled paper and dashes off to her room. Ramon chases her to her room. There he finds all his crumpled up drawings hanging on Marisol’s bedroom wall! He is stunned. Although the drawings are not precise.. they are an “-ish”. The vase is “vase-ish”, the fish is “fish-ish”, the house is “house-ish”… This opens up a brand new “Ish” world for Ramon..


SkyColor: Marisol is an artist. She has her own art gallery at home. She loves to share her art through posters about things she believes in. She is known for her art and she believes everyone is an artist. So when her class decides to do a mural, everyone is excited. Especially Marisol who is responsible to color the sky. But as she prepares herself to color, she realizes she is all out of blue! How is she supposed to color the sky when there is no blue ??

Sky Color 2

If you have a child who loves to draw, color or paint, don’t forget to read Peter Reynold’s books on art. You will not be disappointed. Simple stories and beautiful concepts. I related to all three of the situations. I remember how we get frustrated when the “green” crayon is missing.. or when the lines are not “perfectly” straight.. when we don’t know where to begin or how to start.. A wonderful collection.. to add to your home library or to gift to all our budding artists.

Find it here: Library (Dot), Library (Ish), Library (Sky Color)

Boxed Set: Amazon, Better World Books

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