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Through Grandpa’s Eyes

line Through Grandpa’s Eyes
by Patricia MacLachlan (Author), Deborah Kogan Ray (Illustrator)

Seeing things differently

Little John is visiting his grandparents. John says that among all the houses he knows, he loves his grandpa’s house the best. His best friend Peter has a glass house with fancy pebble path. His friend Maggie lives in a old wooden house with carved doors and brass doorknobs. And though these are all fine houses, Grandpa’s house is the best.. because he “sees” the house through Grandpa’s eyes.

Through Grandpa's Eyes inside

John’s grandpa is blind. He was not always that way. And now he sees things even before John can see them! He can “see” the marigolds in the kitchen. He can “see” the song sparrow hidden in the browns of the trees. He can “see” the sun rise but not like John sees the sun rise.

Through Grandpa's Eyes inside2

This is an exceptionally well written book. A very real story about a relationship that is sweet and touching. Through Grandpa’s Eyes is a very realistic book.. it is not a make believe story. While Grandpa relies on his other senses to lead a rich wonderful life, little John finds himself learning to see in a very different unusual way.

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