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Hummingbird Nest

line Hummingbird Nest
by Kristine O’Connell George (Author), Barry Moser (Illustrator)

A Journal of Poems

This book really is a journal. A journal of a little hummingbird that makes a nest and has babies. For two months a family keeps track and gets a sneak peek into the daily activities of mother bird and her babies. How she builds her nest and where, how she sits on her eggs and how the little babies come into this world. Reading in poetry form makes this book even more special! We loved exploring about the life of an hummingbird and has inspired us to welcome birds come spring in our backyard.

Hummingbird Nest inside

Hopefully we will write some poems too!

Poem: Crack!

lying within those
woven walls of home,
under a feathered roof,
next to that warm smooth stone.
Did you think you were all alone?
that stone
cracked in two.
Suddenly, there was another,
perhaps a sister, maybe a brother.
Who is this, lying next to you?

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