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The Gardener

line The Gardener
by Sarah Stewart (Author), David Small (Illustrator)

A heart of gold and passion for flowers!

Lydia Grace Finch has a suitcase full of seeds and she is heading towards the big gray city. She has just left her grandmother’s home and garden where she learned all about flowers. Where is she going? To her Uncle Jim’s house and bakery and she can’t wait to learn how to bake. When she meets Uncle Jim she notices that he doesn’t smile very much. But then she finds a secret place and an idea emerges. An idea that will surely make even Uncle Jim smile!

The Gardener inside

Sarah Stewart’s story and David Small’s art will make you weep. In a good way. Written as a series of letters to her mom, dad and grandma, Lydia shares about her life in the city and her desire to bring some color into this colorless world. A beautiful heartwarming story about a hardworking girl who moves to the city because her mom and dad are poor and unable to support her. But there is a happy ending to this tale. This girl has a heart of gold and passion for flowers.. She is sure to brighten up your world!

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