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Four Feet Two Sandals

line Four Feet Two Sandals
by Karen Lynn Williams, Khadra Mohammed (Authors), Doug Chayka (Illustrator)

A Valuable Lesson

Peshawar, a city on the borders of war-ravaged Afghanistan and Pakistan. A camp hosts families who flee because they fear persecution. These families are refugees and many of them are children.

In one such camp, relief workers bring used clothing and everyone is scrambling to grab whatever they can. Ten year old Lina finds a sandal that perfectly fits her. As she looks for the other pair, she finds another young girl holding the matching shoe. But when Lina approaches her, the girl runs away with the other shoe. The camp is a small place and eventually the two girls Lina and Feroza meet. They find a unique way of sharing the two sandals. They simply take turns each day wearing them. Four feet, Two sandals.

Four Feet Two Sandals Lina

The girls become best friends. They share stories about their lost ones and their hard life. They do chores together. The Sandals bring them together, bind them in a wonderful relationship. But one day, Lina learns that her mother’s name has been chosen to relocate to America. Lina must leave.. what about the Sandals? She can’t go barefoot to America! And what would Feroza do without them?

Four Feet Two Sandals Goodbye

This is a story of strength, courage and hope. It is a story sure to bring tears. It is a story to read to your kindergartners. To teach them about loss and love, about caring and sharing despite the hardships around us. There is not one but many lessons to learn from this story.. the story about Four Feet and Two Sandals.

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  1. This book sounds to be one of sharing and kindness. I think it would bring much needed awareness to children around the world.

    • reshamad

      Thank you for your comment Susan, it is indeed a powerful story about caring in the face of difficulties. A great lesson for kids of any age!


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