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Children Just Like Me

line Children Just Like Me
by Anabel Kindersley (Author), Barnabas Kidersley (Author), UNICEF (Collaborator)

A Celebration of children around the world

Meet Celina from Brazil, South America. She is a Tembe Indian. She lives with her family at a farm. They grow their own food and fish in the rivers. The weather is warm and it rains almost every day! Celina is 9 and loves the river and the forest. But she is scared of the Matim, a huge animal that lives in the forest

And here is Omar, 8, who lives with his family near Cancun, Mexico..

Children Just LIke ME Omar

This is a wonderful book about children around the globe. The authors spend 2 years meeting and photographing children from every continent and from almost 140 countries. Divided into continents, this book introduces you to a child from each of the regions. One double page spread features pictures of the children, their living environment, food, family, housing , school and friends. Each of the children are interviewed and the text reads like one. The book is packed with information but at the same time does not over do it. A great book to take with you on your travels. But if you are at home, why not discover new worlds with your children right from your reading chair?

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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