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A Bedtime For Bear

line A Bedtime For Bear
by Bonny Becker (Author), Kady MacDonald Denton (Illustrator)

Bonny’s Bear and Mouse are back again

We loved reading Bear and Mouse stories by Bonny Becker. So when the latest “A Bedtime for Bear” arrived, we were thrilled to pick it up.

Bear has a Bedtime Routine. A very STRICT bedtime routine He likes to set up his glass of water by his nightstand. He adjusts his nightcap. He will fluff his favorite pillow and get ready to sleep. But most of all, Bear must have Absolute Quiet!  One night Mouse comes over for a sleep over. Bear is not sure how this will work. But he is a good host. And he entertains mouse with a game of checkers and hot cocoa.

A Bedtime for bear inside1

At bedtime, Bear warms mouse to be quiet. At first mouse is noisy and Bear is really upset.. but finally they both settle in for a good night sleep. Suddenly Bear hears a noise! And it’s not Mouse! Who could it be??¬† Scared, Bear asks the sleepy Mouse to look around for the mysterious sound.

A Bedtime for bear inside

This is a great bedtime story. We love Denton’s full-bleed full page water color and ink illustrations. With just a few lines Denton is able to create the right “atmosphere” for Bear and Mouse. Becker’s charming dialogues and blissfully simple storytelling¬† will engage you and your child in the adventures of Bear and Mouse.

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