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Room on the Broom

line Room on the Broom
by Julia Donaldson (Author), Axel Scheffler (Illustrator)

The witch and her hat
and her little black cat
Hop on a broomstick
thick and fat.
But as the wind blew
and the little cat mewed
down went the two
as the witch’s hat flew!
They flew to the ground
but not a hat could be found !!
But a kindly little dog
found the hat in the bog
And asked very politely
is there room on the broom for a dog like me?
“Yes!” cried the witch
and whoosh! went the three

Room on the Broom bird
But soon the witch lost
her bow and her wand!
But bird found her bow
and frog found the wand in the pond
The two new friends asked most politely
Is there room on the broom for a _ like me?

So pick up this book
and lend a keen ear
to the witch’s funny adventure
find it here:
Library, Amazon, Better World Books

A fun and witty story about the Witch and her well-mannered friends, Room on the Broom will keep your toe tapping to its silly rhyme! My daughter absolutely loved the book and now reads it herself with much expression and gusto! What a wonderful find

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