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line Cloudette
by Tom Lichetenheld (Author, Illustrator)


Cloudette is a little cloud. She is very very small..

Cloudette small

But she doesn’t mind being small at all. Everyone calls her by cute names. She gets the best view when there are fire-works to watch. She makes friends of her own size. And she can squeeze through the tightest of places! But when the big clouds head out to do “Big” and “Important” things.. well, Cloudette does feel small. And wishes..

Cloudette Inside

And now she is feeling very blue indeed Will Cloudette find out how she could be useful despite her limitations?

A delightful tale and a fun message! Cloudette may be small but she can accomplish important things too. The story is written very simply and illustrated superbly! Your little ones will fall in love with the brightly colored pages. ¬†We had a wonderful time reading this aloud. Tom’s Cloudette will charm the child and the parent too

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  1. This is great! Lovely illustrations and I like how the author sneaked the water cycle and even some math in there. Brilliant!

  2. I love the measurement page so much!!! Thanks for sharing this book at Booknificent Thursday this week! How do you find these amazing books?!!

    • reshamad

      Tina, thanks for stopping by! I scour the blogosphere and the rely on our library shelves! Between those two I get to run a long list of good reads


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