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Raggedy Andy Stories

line Raggedy Andy Stories
by Johnny Gruelle (Author), Swoosie Kurtz (Narrator)

Before Toy Story there was…

Raggedy Andy arrives in the mail one day and finally is reunited with his sister Raggedy Ann. Raggedy Andy meets the French Doll, Uncle Clem, Henny the Dutch doll and of course the family’s dog Fido. To celebrate Andy’s arrival they have a nice little dance followed by a good old-fashioned pillow fight!  And when the family is away, Andy suggests making candy and doing a taffy pull. What fun!

Raggedy Andy Stories inside

Stories included in this series:

  • How Raggedy Andy Came
  • The Nursery Dance
  • The Spinning Wheel
  • The Taffy Pull
  • The Rabbit Chase
  • Raggedy Andy’s SMile
  • The Wooden Horse
  • Making Angels in the Snow

This is a wonderful set of stories to listen to whether at home or on a drive. Emmy award winning actress, Swoosie Kurtz, narrates the story in the right tone and mood. Raggedy Andy’s compassion and cheery disposition is infectious. The stories are filled with kindness and good intentions. We found many positive virtues and values in the Raggedy Andy Stories collections.

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