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line Goal!
by Mina Javaherbin (Author), A.G. Ford (Illustrator)

Kick, Dribble, Run and GOAL!

A South African shantytown,  a young boy, his friends and a Federation size Football!   Mina Javaherbin tells an empowering story through the eyes of the boys.

Goal inside

When Ajani gets his hands on a “real” football, he can’t wait to play the game with his friends. But before they can play, they need to know if the streets are safe. “Right is clear, Left is clear”.. as the boys watch out for the bullies in the streets they set the football on the ground. One boy climbs up to the roof to keep watch while the others kick and dribble. “When we play, we forget to worry. When we run, we are not afraid.”  But suddenly the bullies interrupt their game. The boys manage to hide their treasured ball just in time. But will the bullies discover the ball and take it away?

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This is a good picture book for so many reasons. Set in a small poor town in South Africa, this book is a good introduction to a culture where kids have to face responsibilities that many others don’t. Yet the boys find a great joy in playing the much-loved national game of Football. This book is also about teaching kids about being bullying. When we read this book, we were able to talk about how Ajani and his friends would feel if the ball was taken away from them.

A book about a different life and a different culture, yet highlighting the universal love of a sport and a universal concept of bullying.

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  1. Thanks again for joining the roundup, Reshama. I like that this book includes so many themes — culture, bullying, and of course movement!

    • reshamad

      Thanks for stopping by Kerry. Yes the book has a great amount of learning. I keep going back to it for many reasons



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