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line Dogger
by Shirley Hughes (Author, Illustrator) 

Lost your favorite toy?

 Dave loves his little toy dog, Dogger. He takes Dogger everywhere. He even sleeps with it. But one day,  Dogger gets lost! Dave makes everyone in the family search for it. Finally they find it on sale at the neighborhood school fair!  Dave tries to convince people that Dogger is his toy and not meant to be sold… but without luck. Now Dave MUST buy Dogger back. Who will help Dave and will he get back his special toy?

Dogger inside

Dogger is a timeless classic tale written by Shirley Hughes. This engaging story shows the sorrow of a child upon losing his toy. Every family who has gone through the trouble of finding that “special” toy can relate to the little boy Dave’s heartache. The kindness and sacrifice of an older sibling  is beautifully portrayed.

Shirley Hughes’s stories are simple and endearing. Want to pick up a good read-aloud.. Find a Shirley Hughes book  :)

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