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line Zagazoo
by Quentin Blake (Author, Illustrator)

“What is a Zagazoo” you ask?

George and Bella are a happy couple. They  spend much of their time making model airplanes, and eating strawberry-and-vanilla ice cream . One day they receive a package. In it, is a lovely little baby with a tag saying its name is “Zagazoo”. George and Bella are delighted! At first, they have a nice time playing with Zagazoo and changing his diapers. But one day they wake up to find Zagazoo turn into a vulture!!… and then an elephant, a warthog, a bad tempered dragon, a bat and a strange hairy creature.

Zagazoo by Quentin Blake

Just as they have had enough and ask – “What will become of us?” – Zagazoo transforms into this handsome young man with perfect manners!! And then he goes off , gets engaged and comes back home with his fiancé. This time, its Zagazoo who is left surprised! Because George and Bella have turned into _________ you’ll never guess

Zagazoo inside 2

A delightful, funny and simple story with few words. The parable of parenting is beautifully presented and any adult reading will totally appreciate it. As Zagazoo goes through different stages of childhood, he turns into all kinds of different creatures. While the children will find it funny as Zagazoo changes forms, the parents reading the story can relate to the “Zagazoos” in their own lives.

Quentin Blake is best known for his illustrations of Roald Dahl books. We love the casual freehand drawings and watercolor illustrations. They are  fun and whimsical. That’s why he is on our  favorite illustrators list!

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