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Thunder Birds

line Thunder Birds
by Jim Arnosky (Author, Illustrator)

Look at these birds and say “WOW!”

Jim Arnosky is an acclaimed naturalist and illustrator. He has written and illustrated 86 books on nature and illustrated 46 other books by other authors. He has been awarded The Christopher Medal, Orbis Pictus Honor, ALA Gordon Award and Outstanding Science Book awards. Jim loves to fish, boat and play his guitar. At work, he uses Betacam SP video camcorder with a 1600 mm lens to record wildlife along with his wife Deanna.

Thunder Birds is a breathtaking nonfiction picture book with six giant fold out pictures of Nature’s flying predators. This is a great book to draw out children’s curiosity about predatory birds. The life size illustration of the Osprey’s wings (called primaries) are stunning to look at. The details in the paintings are remarkable. Fast facts about deep diving birds,  the silent flight of owls in the night or the largest bird in North America (White Pelican) will keep the young reader in awe.

Thunder Birds inside


And at the back of the book you will find a handy guide to all the locations that Jim and Deanne visited and found these magnificent birds.  Beautifully illustrated and based on years of research, this book will make you pick up your binoculars.

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  1. Thanks Resh for sharing this book. That illustration is certainly compelling. My dad had a ring with a thunderbird on it — that’s a great title!

    • reshamad

      Thanks for stopping by Jeanne. It is a great book and we absolutely loved the art work!

  2. I’ve seen other mentions of Thunder Birds, but with your featured illustration I definitely need to pick it up. Thanks for the post!

    • reshamad

      Thanks for stopping by Jeff. We are big fans of your selection @ ncteacherstuff! Hope you get to read Thunder Birds.

  3. I, too thought the illustrations pretty impressive. Great recommendation.
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