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King Hugo’s Huge Ego

line King Hugo’s Huge Ego
by Chris Van Dusen (Author, Illustrator)

Fabulously Funny!

If you (like me) love a rhyming masterpiece, then this Chris Van Dusen’s book is the book for you! A tale that is instantly funny, full of witty remarks and complete with great art-work, we have become instant fans of Chris’ books. The play on words and use of adjectives in this story will surprise you as well as make you laugh. Absolutely love this book!

King Hugo is a tiny king but with a very large ego. Every day he would hold a “congregation” to remind his “lowly” subjects of his greatness. People would need to bow to him as he walked on by. One day a peasant girl (also a sorceress) named Tessa was walking with a huge load on her back. King Hugo came riding by and his servants ordered Tessa off the road.  But she asked him to go around her instead. Ranting and raving the king bumped her to the side and moved on ahead. Furious, Tessa casts a spell.. a spell that would teach the king a thing or two about “ego”!

King Hugos huge ego inside2



Yes, Hugo was a cocky king-

as boastful as could be.

To him, no other person was

as wonderful as he.

Expert comic story and fantastically funny illustrations!

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books


  1. Vinita

    We love this book!

  2. Beautiful illustrations, it looks like a fun read. Thanks for linking it into the hop. Cheers Julie

  3. sibelhodge

    Hi, I’m stopping by as part of the Kid Lit Blog Hop. These illustrations are amazing!

  4. Also stopping by from Kid Lit Blog Hop. The pictures are gorgeous! And the king sounds like quite the character. I’m betting my kids would like this

    • reshamad

      Check out all his other books too Tonja. You will be pleasantly surprised! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Yes, ME – I love rhyming masterpieces!! The illustrations look wonderful too! Thanks for linking this into the Kid Lit Blog Hop.


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