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Egypt in Spectacular Cross Section

line Egypt in Spectacular Cross Section
by Stephen Biesty ( Author, Illustrator)

Spectacular indeed!

Ever wondered how Egyptians actually lived in their homes more than 3200 years ago? What did their houses look like from the inside? How did the Egyptians farm after a Nile flood? How does a Egyptian boat and port look like?

Egypt book

Join Dedia, an 11 year old, on a adventure for a once in a lifetime journey on the Nile. The fabulous panoramic spreads in this book will leave you in wonder. Look inside the great Pyramids of Giza. Study the ancient step pyramids of Ramases’s spectacular palace at the Piramese and ogle at the maginificient temple of Amun Ra.  Stephen Biesty gives you an up close intimate and delightfully detailed look at life of the Egyptians in full color!

Egypt inside

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  1. Zoe

    Ah yes… I’d love to be able to step inside these temples, wouldn’t you?


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