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The Sandwich Swap

line The Sandwich Swap
by Queen Raina of Jordan Al Abdullah (Author), Kelly DiPucchio (Author), Tricia Tusa (Illustrator)

Celebrate your differences!

Two girls, Salma and Lily, are best friends. They do many things together. They jump ropes together, they draw together and they eat together. But Salma thinks Lily’s PB&J sandwich looks quite “yucky”. And Lily thinks Salma’s hummus and pita sandwich looks quite “gross”! For a long time they don’t say a word about the sandwiches to each other. But one day Lily can not help herself and has to tell her friend how yucky her sandwich looks! And Salma shares her feelings about Lily’s sandwich too! That leads to a big disagreement and the two stop being friends¬†Frown

The Sandwich Swap Disagreement

Soon the two are doing things on their own. Other children are now taking sides. Then things get worse. At lunch, in the cafeteria, the kids are calling each other names. And suddenly someone shouts “FOOD FIGHT!”.

Salma and Lily stare at each other in shame as their classmates and other kids throw foods of all kinds in the air. Finally, after a visit to the principal’s office, Salma and Lily decide to make peace. At lunch the next day they take the courage and taste each other’s sandwiches Smile¬† And they realize that the food is not yucky and gross at all. This inspires them to have a great food festival… to celebrate the different foods from around the world.

The Sandwich Swap Recipes

A great read for preschoolers and kindergartners. The Sandwich Swap will resonate with children surrounded by friends from different cultures. A great lesson that friends can be from anywhere, all that matters is that you care!

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  1. oh man, I forgot that I wanted to do sandwiches like that! (stars!!). My little one will be so excited! Really fun post

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