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Jumping Jenny

line Jumping Jenny
by Ellen Bari (Author), Raquel Garcia Macia (Illustrator)

Turn a problem into a “strength”!

Little Jenny loves to Jump. She jumps in her house, in the yard and at school. But not everyone is happy about her jumping. There is a “jumping accident” in the cafeteria, with food splattered all over the floor. There is another accident in the science room with caterpillars all over the classroom floor. Her teachers are always asking her to stop. But when her friends laugh at her saying “Jumping is for frogs”, that is when Jenny decides to quit jumping altogether.

Jumping Jenny

Then one day her school decides to have a festival fair to raise money for Ugandan school. All Jenny’s friends have great ideas on activities to raise the money. Some decide to do masks to sell, others decide to play drums. But Jenny knows only how to jump. How can she use her “skill” to raise money?

Jumping Jenny inside

Jumping Jenny Jumpathon

Beautifully illustrated and cleverly written, Jenny’s story has a wonderful message about how each and every one of us can make a difference in the world. Jumping Jenny is a story about encouragement and passion. This is also an excellent book to introduce community service to young children.

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  1. At this age for social awareness is very nicely engraved gooooood

    • reshamad

      so true! a great read for inspiring children towards social causes.



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