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Sea of Dreams

line Sea of Dreams
by Dennis Nolan (Author, Illustrator)

Enchanting and Mysterious!

On a sunny day at the beach, a little girl gets busy building a sand castle.  But soon its getting dark and she has to leave the castle and go home. As the evening turns into night, the sea tide rises and falls. And as the sea waves reach the walls of the castle,  the reader sees a strange glow of light inside the sand-castle windows! What follows is a magical, almost mystical journey of the sand-castle family as they navigate the ocean on a make shift boat with seagulls for friends.

Sea of Dreams Castle

The “Sea of Dreams” is stunning wordless picture book. We were “carried away” by enchanting art work and gorgeous double spread illustrations.

Sea of Dreams Mermaids

There are so many ways to “read” this book. Make up your own story as you follow the family through the many perils they face on the ocean waters. Or follow it through the lovely art as it unfolds the many mysteries on this ocean voyage. Will the family reach a shore in safety? And when the girl returns the next day to re-build her fallen castle, will the cycle begin again?

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  1. I really like the idea of a wordless book. It stimulates the imaginations ans spurs creativity in writing skills.

  2. Lovely post. And a very intriguing idea! I can definitely imagine a wordless book stimulating young readers (watchers?) to make up their own stories

  3. It’s a very nice feeling when you are taken by your imagination somewhere magical when you are reading books.


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