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The Secret Message

line The Secret Message
by Mina Javaherbin (Author), Bruce Whatley (Illustrator)

Based on a poem by Rumi (ancient Persian philosopher)

This is a tale of a wealthy merchant who lives in Persia. He has a shop in the bazaar. And in his shop he keeps a parrot from India. The parrot who was used to flying free in the forests in India, is now living in a cage. Although the parrot is surrounded by many beautiful sights, he prefers the natural beauty of the green jungles where he once flew free. So everyday he sings songs of longing.

The Secret Message Parrot in Cage

Now the parrots singing attracts many customers to the merchant’s shop. And soon the merchant becomes very wealthy indeed. One day the merchant needs to travel to India to gather supplies for his store. He promises to get gifts for all his family members. He then asks his parrot what he would like. The parrot refuses the gifts but asks for a simple favor. “When you pass through the jungles, please call out to my parrot friends and tell them how much I miss their sweet voices and the smell of trees and how much I miss flying with them..” he says.

The Secret Message In Jungle

When the merchant reaches the forests, he remembers the parrot’s request and calls out to the parrots. What happens next is a twist that readers will find amusing and refreshing.Smile This simple tale is told with humor and wit. The gentle acrylic color illustrations highlight the exotic background of the story.

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  1. The artwork in this book looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for linking up with inspired tuesday!

    • reshamad

      Thanks for stopping by! The story is equally fascinating!



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