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The Frances Audio Collection

line The Frances Audio Collection
by  Russell Hoban(Author), Glynis Johns (Narrator)

Bedtime favorites in Audio!

We have read these lovely books before, so we were excited to find this collection of Audio books to listen to. This collection includes :

Bedtime for Frances 

A Baby sister for Frances 

Bread and Jam for Frances 

A Birthday for Frances

We have been listening to these stories on a loop non-stop at home and in the car. The sequence of the stories are well laid out starting with Frances as a young girl postponing her bedtime and ending with Frances coping with her little sister Gloria’s birthday.

Frances Audio Collection

First time listeners may find it hard to follow some instances like when Frances is describing a chomp-o-bar to her dad or when she complains about younger siblings to Albert. It helps to have read the book before. Nevertheless, listeners will quickly comprehend after hearing it again.

Glynis Johns has narrated the story so wonderfully. It is such a delight listening to her as she speaks with an English accent. Her rendition of Frances songs make it worthwhile listening to again and again. This became an instant favorite audio-book in our family.

Frances Audio Collection 1

Want to know which of the Frances song has given us an earworm?

“Rainbows and happy trees are not for Alice or for me,

I will draw three-legged cats and caterpillars with ugly hats. “

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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