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The Empty Pot

line The Empty Pot
by Demi (Author, Illustrator)

An Exquisite Book!

Once upon a time in China there lived an emperor who loved flowers very much. Everyone in his kingdom loved plants and flowers. A little boy named Ping who lived in this kingdom also loved flowers and whatever he planted burst into a brilliant bloom. Now the emperor was looking for a successor for his kingdom and decided that the child who grows the most beautiful flower will be the emperor. So he calls for all the children and gives them each 1 seed to plant and tend to for 1 year. At the end of the year, the children must showcase their blooms.

Little Ping was very excited and plants his seed right away hoping to see his seed bloom. However, strangely, his seed does not bloom. So he transfers the seed into another pot. Still no bloom. He tries everything he can to make the seed sprout. He tries changing the soil and re-potting. But nothing works!

The Empty Pot Ping pot

At last it is time to carry their pots to the Emperor. But Ping worries that all he has to show is The Empty Pot! As Ping sadly watches all the children marching with beautiful flowers in their pots, he worries about what lies in store for him when he carries his empty pot to the Emperor.

The Empty Pot Ping

Beautifully illustrated, each page of this book is a painting on its own. Each page has a round frame with traditional Chinese architecture, landscape motifs and fine line art of lively children and  colorful flowers. The book comes alive with the bright red and gold and purple colors. We enjoyed the rich illustrations as well as this simple story of Ping, his hard work and honesty.

Also, if you are looking for an activity idea for this book, Mia from PragmaticMom has a great Origami craft online. Take a look!

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    What a beautiful book with a great message!

  2. I agree this is a great book!

  3. This is a favorite book in our house. Just love it!

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