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Each Kindness

line Each Kindness
by Jacqueline Woodson (Author), E.B.Lewis (Illustrator)

Make the world a better place!

I found this wonderful book through a review on Randomly Reading.  In his review, Alex highlights how powerful this book is.. After reading the book, I agree.

This is a story about Maya and Chloe. Maya is a new girl in Chloe’s class. All children including Chloe notice the one thing odd about Maya. That Maya’s clothes are shabby and she is wearing spring shoes in winter. Maya gets a seat next to Chloe, but Chloe looks away and ignores her.

Each Kindness First day

At playtime, Maya tries to approach Chloe and other friends in order to mingle. She tries to share her toys and make conversation. But each time Chloe and her friends shun her and do not accept her because to them Maya is different. Maya always wears secondhand clothes and has none of her own. Soon they nickname Maya “Never New”.

Each Kindness Maya and Chloe playground

One day, Maya does not come to school. That day, their class teacher is talking about “Kindness” in the class. She shows the children a bowl of water. She drops a stone in the water causing ripples. The teacher asks “Each little thing goes out into the world like a ripple.” Then she asks each child to drop the stone and share one act of kindness they have done. When it is Chloe’s turn, she passes on the stone, not being able to share a single act of kindness. And all the time Chloe has one person on her mind… Maya.

Each Kindness water ripple

Few days later the teacher announces that Maya will not be returning to school. That evening when Chloe walks back home, she thinks about “Kindness” and how she had missed that one chance with Maya.. and now it was too late!

This story will move you. Unlike many stories, this story feels real. We loved the concept of “ripples” and how each act, whether kind or not, moves in waves out into the world. If only each of us thought about our actions as ripples.. the world would be a better place indeed.

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