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Claude Monet: The Painter who Stopped the Trains

line Claude Monet: The Painter who Stopped the Trains
by P.I.Maltbie (Author), Jos. A. Smith (Author)

Those Impressionists! Their paintings look as if the paint was fired from a gun. And that Monet is the worst of all!

The critics exclaimed as they looked at Monet’s Impression, Sunrise a painted seascape of bright colors. Painters in those days did not use bright colors. They painted grandly, not precisely or realistically. They painted indoors, in dark studios, not outside in the garden or by the seaside. And they did NOT paint ordinary everyday life scenes. They painted events from history or on mythology or legends!

The painter who stopped trains Critics

Claude did not like to be called an Impressionist. But he did not let that stop him from painting what he loved. So one day when his son stopped to wave at a rushing locomotive (a rarity in those days), Claude could not but help wonder how he could capture the speed, the smoke and a view of Modern Paris. So he dressed “up”, walked into the station directors office and convinced him to “lend” him his trains to draw. Thinking that Monet was a renowned painter, the Director was more than willing to stop and delay trains and allow Monet to place his easel and paints on the train stations.

The painter who stopped Trains Painting at the station

As the Director stood by in respectful silence, Monet went to work. He created multiple canvases. He painted the trains at different angles. He painted the trains arriving and leaving. He captured how the light fell on the smoke. He captured the bustling of the crowds. And soon he was ready to show the world an Impressionist painting of a different kind!

The painter who stopped trains at the station

But would the world receive his new paintings with the same excitement as he and his son had about the trains? Would they see the poetry in train stations the way he had captured it?

Find out!


The Painter who stopped Trains Arriva of a Train

The Painter who stopped trains Train

The Painter who stopped Trains Station

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  1. Since my 3 year-old LOVES trains, I think this will offer a great way for me to introduce him to Monet. Thanks for sharing this book.

    • reshamad

      I am sure he would love it! I also included links to his actual drawings, hope he gets some inspiration! Thanks for stopping by Jen

  2. Since I volunteer at a library I truly appreciate this. Thanks for sharing with Inspired Tuesday

    • reshamad

      Thanks for stopping by Yolanda. The story of Claude Monet is indeed inspiring!

  3. Good thing Monet didn’t listen to his critics, we would have never seen these amazing works.

    Thanks for participating in Nonfiction Monday!

  4. Nina

    A lovely story and a wonderful way to bring the beautiful art to children to enjoy! Popping by from I spired Tuesday

    • reshamad

      Thank you for stopping by Nina. Indeed its a very encouraging story.

  5. Another lovely book! Thanks for sharing!


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