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Creepy Carrots

line Creepy Carrots
by Aaron Reynolds (Author), Peter Brown (Illustrator)

Tasty treats or creepy vegetables?

Jasper Rabbit *loves* to eat carrots! And there are plenty to pick form in the nearby Crackenhopper Field. He eats them on his way to school. He eats them walking home. He eats them on the way back from Little League.

Creepy Carrots Jasper

All is good, until one day Jasper gets a creepy feeling that carrots are following him.”Tunk tunk tunk”.. He sees them in the mirror when he is brushing his teeth. “Tunk tunk tunk…” He sees them in his bedroom at night. “Tunk tunk tunk”… And he sees them in the backyard shed! Why are the creepy carrots following him? And why won’t anyone else spot them? Finally, Jasper hatches a plan to stop the creepy carrots from haunting him. Smile

Creepy Carrots in the mirror

This is a delightful scary story of a paranoid rabbit seeing rabbits everywhere. But are they really following him? Or is it his overactive imagination! The story is brilliantly illustrated alluding to the creepiness of the carrots with the subtle black and white palate with  hints of orange to “show” the carrots. Both the author and illustrator have struck just the right balance of spooky and delightful. Read this one! The ending will surprise you.

Find out what inspired Peter Brown here: 

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  1. We read this during Halloween. We loved it!!!

  2. I love this book! My students are still talking about it and we read it in October.

    • reshamad

      Jeanette.. i can imagine! The story certainly has a staying power

  3. looks great -would be a good ‘not too scary’ Halloween book

  4. LOL, my daughter is carrot obsessed at the moment, and I have seen this book a few times, I think its time to get it. I love the illustrations. Thanks for linking it in to the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Cheers Julie Grasso

  5. My grandson and I loved reading it. He slept at my house during Superstorm Sandy and our lights were low, rain slashed at the windows. I am sure we had some Creepy Carrots right in our own backyard!

  6. At this point, neither of us are eating ANY carrots! We’ve switched to lima beans. Much safer.

  7. Katie

    This is such a wonderful book! Thanks for sharing your review with the Kid Lit Blog Hop!



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