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The Raft

line The Raft
by Jim LaMarche (Author, Illustrator)

Let your mind drift!

Nicky is not happy about his father’s decision to leave him with grandma over summer. Grandma lives in the Wisconsin woods with no one to play with nearby and not even a TV! But his father won’t change his mind as he drives off leaving teary eyed Nicky to fend for himself over the next few months.

The Raft inside 2

At grandma’s, Nicky finds himself in a completely different world. Grandma’s house is full of books.. scattered everywhere, on the floor, on the chairs and on top of most of the tables. The walls of her house are covered with sketches, stuffed fish and charts of the river. To Nicky, the house looked like a river rat’s workroom with a large half finished carving of a bear right in the middle of everything!

The Raft inside 1

Soon enough Nicky finds himself busy as grandma finds plenty of things for him to do around the house. One day he finds himself fishing at the quiet river. As Nicky waits patiently for a bite, he sees something moving in the water towards him along the river. As it gets closer and bumps up against the dock, Nicky realizes that it is a Raft. And this changes everything!

The Raft inside 4

Author Jim LaMarche draws from his boyhood summer memories and takes us down the river on a raft. A raft that is covered with beautiful drawings of wild animals. As Nicky explores the woods on the river, the raft becomes his constant companion. The raft is almost magical as it draws the wild life out from the woods. Nicky is treated to the sights and sounds of nature as never before!

Beautifully illustrated and told, this story connects you with nature in a warm gentle way!

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  1. Caryn

    This book looks beautiful! I’m so thrilled to hear about it!

    • reshamad

      It is a lovely picture book. Hope you get to read it Caryn. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Tina

        I am adoring these illustrations, especially the first one you show. The look on his face!!! I just love it! Thanks so much for sharing this book at Booknificent Thursday! Looking forward to what you’ll share this week!

        • reshamad

          The book is truly a work of art. Hope you get to read it Tina.



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