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The Two Cars

line The Two Cars
by Ingri & Edgar Parin d’Aulaire (Authors, Illustrators)

Distinguished and Memorable!

I came across the wonderful book on Read Aloud Dad’s fabulous website. In his most unique way, Read Aloud Dad inspired us to rush and find this book at once! And sure enough, we were not disappointed!

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This story is about two cars. One beat up old  red car and one shiny brand new green car. They both decide one moonlit night to have a race. To find out which one of them was the “best” car on the road.

Two Cars beginning

And so the car race begins. The green shiny new car is off smooth and quick. The red car sputters and coughs and shifts gradually into his gear.

As the two car race each other, we  find two very unique personalities emerging. That of a new energetic optimistic and almost carefree young car and that of a old mature and wise car. Much like in real life, the new car makes mistakes and is reckless at times. But he learns to correct his actions and learn from his mistakes. The old car, on the other hand, has much compassion to offer and takes time to stop and think about his past friends and care for those who he meets on the way.

Two Cars bump

As the car race ends, you are left wondering who really won the race? And whether winning it was indeed important?

Two Cars Rail tracks

We enjoyed reading this book over and over again. Once, we discussed the many meanings of emotions that were going on in the story. Mean and nice, empathy and compassion, fearless and reckless, careful and carefree, wise and foolish… as we read the story we tried to understand what the characters were “being” and how it impacted their actions.

Yes. There is a great deal of moral to this story. But that is not why you want to read it after all.

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  1. Sounds like a really cute story! I love the illustrations!!!

  2. Reshama wow!

    Thanks so much for your great shout out. I am flattered!

    I am so so happy that you enjoyed reading The Two Cars!

    It was really interesting to read about how you discussed the many emotions that surfaced in the story. You gave me a great idea!

    It will be a great new way to enjoy this classic with my twins. (sorry for pinching your idea)

    Thanks for making my day!

    A big hug from

    Read Aloud Dad


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