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Lotta’s bike

line Lotta’s bike
by  Astrid Lindgren(Author), Ilon Wikland (Illustrator)

 Super Sweet!

Little Lotta knows that she can ride a bike! She has seen her brother and sister riding their outside their house so many times. Now Lotta is hoping to get her own bicycle for her upcoming 5th birthday! On the day of her birthday, Lotta gets many many gifts. But a bike is not one of them.

Lotta's Bike inside

So Lotta decides to “borrow” her neighbor Mrs. Bergs’ bike. But Mrs’ Bergs’ bike is too big for her to ride! And the hill she decides to climb is much too steep. Poor Lotta ends up falling into a rose bush and learns the hard way that she just can’t ride *any* bicycle after all! She needs one that is just right for her size

Lotta decides that her birthday has been a disaster. But just then, dad comes home from work in the evening and gives Lotta the surprise that she has been waiting for — a bike that was just the right size for little Lotta.

Lotta's Bike inside 2

The author of Pippi Longstocking books, Astrid Lindgren creates another mischievous and independent character “Lotta”. “Lotta’s Bike” is an adorable story of Lotta who we loved to empathize as she struggles to resolve a situation. The stories around Lotta are everyday stories of this little girl that often comes with a moral for young readers.  The illustrations are warm and lovely. They highlight the warm cozy neighborhood of the small town.

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  1. These illustrations are wonderful!

  2. Love Astrid Lindgren! I wanted to call our daughter Annika, like Pippi’s friend, but my partner didn’t let me. thanks for the review!



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