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Jenny and the Cat Club: A Collection of Favorite Stories about Jenny Linsky

line Jenny and the Cat Club: A Collection of  Favorite Stories about Jenny Linsky
by Esther Averill (Author, Illustrator)

A collection of stories!

Jenny Linsky is a shy black cat who lives with her master who is a sea Captain. Her most favorite thing is her cozy red scarf given to her by the Captain as a present. During her first few days at the Captains house, Jenny notices a gathering of local cats at the Cat Club. She wants very much to be a part of the club, but is too shy to ask! Also she needs to have a special talent to be able to join.  What will Jenny do?

Jenny and the Cat Club inside

Join Jenny in her many adventures with the Cat Club and close friends like Pickles the Fire Cat. Told in simple and clear language, this series of gentle tales are a wonderful addition to your home library. We promise you an instant addiction to all of these stories.

Included in this series:

1. The Cat Club

2. Jenny’s First Party

3. When Jenny lost her scarf

4. Jenny’s adopted brothers

5. How the brothers join the Cat Club

Jenny and the Cat Club brother

Each of the story has a moral and learning. In “The Cat Club”, Jenny learns to deal with her shyness and overcome her fears. In “When Jenny lost her scarf”, Jenny learns about faith and trust in friends. And in ” How the brothers join the Cat Club”, Jenny learns about sharing in a completely new way. The sheer qualities and virtues that the stories bring out is amazing! Absolutely Delightful!

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  1. Andrea

    As a kid, I loved Pickles the Fire Cat, but I’ve never gotten around to reading the other Cat Club stories. Better put those on my list right away!

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