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line Blackout
by John Rocco (Author, Illustrator)

Disconnect from the Digital World!

One hot summer night in the city the power goes out. The entire city is plunged into darkness. A family has been busy in the their daily chores. The TV has been running, the phone line was busy, the computer was on and dinner was cooking. But now the family can’t do any of those activities when the lights go off!


Blackout inside2

So they decide to escape the heat indoors and go up to the roof. To their surprise they find light, music and fun! The starlit sky shines down on the city block. The neighbors are having a ton of fun.. chatting up, eating ice cream before it melts, rollerblading and much more.

Blackout fun

Inspired, mom, dad, brother and sister find something to do together. They take out a good old board game and get busy together!

blackout inside 3

With full bleed illustrations moving from color to black and white and back, the author/illsutrator, John Rocco’s Blackout is a perfect read in today’s outrageously connected world! It gives us a glimpse back in time when things were much simple, when people would hangout on the street corner and talk and when family time meant a nice board game played together. A Caldecott Honor Award Book, Blackout is a must read for every “connected” household!

And when the lights come back on again, everyone seems to go back to where they were.. or do they?Wink

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  1. Those illustrations are great! This book is a great reminder too, for us parents, who tend to be more connected than we should – good one for the summer!

    • reshamad

      So true!
      Thanks for stopping by Brittany!


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