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Elephant and Piggie Series

line Elephant and Piggie Series
by Mo Willems (Author, Illustrator)

THE most checked out books from our library!

We LOVE Elephant and Piggie! We can’t get enough of them. Every time we head to the library, we make a beeline to the “Elephant and Piggie” section. Why? Because we LOVE Elephant and Piggie Smile Do you want to know why?

(1) Simple words and sentences. This series is meant for early readers to really enjoy reading books. In his interview, Mo Willems declares that “my primary goal was to create stories that were funny and exciting despite their being early readers”. So after reading a ton of Elephant and Piggie books, do we think this series achieves this goal? Yes, yes and YES!

(2) Speech Bubbles. This series is illustrated like a comic book strip but for early readers. Mo Willems has simply mastered the art of illustrating it with speech bubbles. He uses the speech bubble to express emotion (happy, sad, surprised, mad) …

loud and soft voices..

Elphant and Piggie Loud and Soft

pauses and expressions (such as exclaiming!)…

Elephant and Piggie Expressions

and writing plays (writing in speech bubbles helps to write like playwrights do) and understanding power of dialogues

Elephant and Piggie Speech Bubbles

 (3) Visual Cues. Have you noticed the “white space”.. this technique very popular and effective in the world of illustrating, is brilliantly put to use in this series. I love that there is absolutely no distraction to the eye. While reading, you are focused wholly and solely on the characters, their emotion and words.. Mo Willems executes this brilliantly and this technique just simply WORKS!

(4) Encouraging Read Aloud skills. While many books qualify as great read-alouds, this series works especially well at our home. Also, in this case, the read aloud is done by the child! DD loves to read aloud in all pose and manner, with lots of gusto and enough expression to make the grumpiest person smile! She will stomp her feet and twirl around, lift her eyebrows and make every kind of silly sound she can while reading  aloud. It is NO wonder that this series is SO popular and entertaining Smile

(5) Books on Friendship. Finally, this series is about friendship. As the cover says..

Gerald is careful. Piggie is not. Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can.
Gerald and Piggie are best friends

The two friends love to spend time together. They are different and their personalities reflect through the stories and illustrations. It is hard not to fall in love with their silly adventures. And the stories are so simple and relatable, that it doesn’t surprise me that even the youngest of the young truly enjoy them.

Perfect Vocabulary, mind-bending stories and hilarious adventures.. WE WANT MORE!!

A list: (as of July 2013)

1. A Big Guy took My Ball!

2. lets Go for a Drive!

3. Listen to my Trumpet!

4. Happy Pig Day!

5. Should I Share my Ice Cream?

6. I Broke My Trunk!

7. We Are in a Book!

8. Can I Play Too?

9. I am Going!

10. Pigs make me Sneeze!

11. Elephants Cannot Dance!

12. Watch me Throw the Ball!

13. Are you Ready to play outside?

14. I Love my New Toy!

15. Today I Will Fly!

16. I Will Surprise My Friend!

17. My Friend is Sad!

18. I am Invited to a Party!

19. There Is a Bird on Your Head!

Which one is your favorite?

Find these here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books


  1. Rosey

    It does look like a great series. The illustrations are sure cute.

    • reshamad

      hi Rosey, I highly recommend them for your little one. Its a load of fun!Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Visiting and reading from @1caseycolette: Locomotion of Expressions!~

  3. So many people love his books!

    • reshamad

      Yes.. they are on many Must Read lists aren’t they? Thanks for stopping by Kathy @ BermudaOnion!

  4. How cute is this? Thank you for sharing this series. I’m dropping by today from the Our Everyday Harvest’s Harvest of Friends blog hop. I hope that you can drop by and say hello.

    • reshamad

      Thanks for stopping by Kelly. You have a lovely blog and am looking forward to reading more of your posts

  5. Nice illustrations. Did you make them? They look really good. Nice review.

  6. We love Elephant and Piggie!

  7. Sangeetha

    Thanks Reshama, for the review about the Elephant and piggie books. Nithila just loves the series, we all love those two characters. From being a not so very confident reader, she has become a different person. She loves reading by herself now!!!! Thanks again for the beautiful reviews!!!

    • reshamad

      Absolutely my pleasure Sangeetha! I love that kids are so driven when they find something to connect with. I cant wait to see all her drawings of Elephant and Piggie!

  8. Mary Anya

    I love pigie and elephant


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