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Mr. Pine’s Purple House

line Mr. Pine’s Purple House
by Leonard P. Kessler (Author, Illustrator)

Triumph of individualism

Mr Pine lived on Vine street in a white house. His neighbors house is white too. In fact all 50 houses on Vine street are white. And they are all in a line. So how is Mr Pine to know which is his? So he decides to plant a bush next to his house. The bush is so pretty and nice that all his neighbors also plant a bush. So now what should Mr Pine do? He decides to paint his house Purple because Purple is his favorite color. As soon as he is done, his neighbors come out to see the wonderful colorful house of Mr Pine. Will they follow suit?


Written in 1965, this book went out of print. Fortunately Purple House Press republished this on the 40th Anniversary of Mr. Pine’s Purple House in 2006. Simple language makes it a great choice for early readers.

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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