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Errol and his Extraordinary Nose

line Errol and his Extraordinary Nose
by David Conway(Author), Roberta Angaramo (Illustrator)

“Everyone has a Talent!”

Errol the elephant goes to Acacia tree school. But unlike his other animal friends, Errol feels that he is clumsy and awkward and that he has a really big useless nose. All his other friends are great at some kind of activity. So poor Errol is miserable.

One day his teachers announce a talent show. All the animals at school are super excited. Except Errol. Poor Errol is very unhappy. He tries many different things. He tries juggling and dancing and even the tuba. But his nose and his large body keeps getting in the way. Nothing seems to be working! Errol goes home feeling depressed. Fortunately, his father understands Errol’s problem. And he gives Errol a book on Elephants to read and understand what Elephants can do. Errol stays up late reading the book. And when he falls asleep that night, he has a smile on his face. Read on to see what Errol learned and what he did in the talent show.

This book is a great read for 3+ year olds. The book sends an interesting message. That we are different yet special in one way or another. That we should not judge others or brag about our own special skills which could hurt others feelings. And that ultimately you need to “find” yourself. T

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