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Daisy Comes Home

line Daisy Comes Home
by Jan Brett (Author, Illustrator)

You must have read Jan Brett’s many popular works such as Gingerbread Friends, The Three Snow Bears and The Mitten. I “bumped” into “Daisy come Home” recently and was glad to have found this hidden gem.

This book was inspired when Brett visited China with her family. In “Daisy comes Home”, Brett tells a tale of a little Chinese girl called Mei Mei. Mei Mei has the six most happiest hens in China. She cares for them and feeds them. And when she calls out “gu gu gu gu!” they all come running to her.

But one of her hens, Daisy, was not always happy. In fact, she was often picked and pecked upon by the other hens. They would not even let Daisy sleep on their perch at night and often pushed her off of it.

One day Daisy is pecked off of the perch as always. Feeling sad and lonely, Daisy goes outside the shed looking for a cozy place to sleep. She finds a nice basket and settles in. But soon enough the basket which is tied up at the river, pulls away and floats off with Daisy in it. Daisy must quickly learn how to survive wherever the basket takes her.

When Daisy comes home, she is no longer the frightened old hen. She has new vigor and confidence.

Brett has written a beautiful story which talks about standing up for yourself. What is outstanding in this book are the wonderful illustrations. Each spread has an intricate frame and there are very many details inside of it detailing life in a small village in China. the attention to detail is amazing. The details on the diverse wildlife, the lush greenery found along the river, basket weaves and painted pottery and the bamboo patterns are simply wonderful to the eye. I love the borders which is trademark Brett. You will see at the corners of the pages a small “sneak peek” into the next page story. This book is brilliantly illustrated.

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