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Soar Elinor!

line Soar Elinor!
by Tami Lewis Brown(Author), Francois Roca (Illustrator)

“Soar Elinor Soar!”

We have all heard about Amelia Earhart as first aviation expert to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. But she was not the only young woman who wanted to fly.

In early 1900’s when women pilots were unheard of, a young girl named Elinor Smith asked her papa for flying lessons after she and brother took a┬átest ride in a run down biplane. She immediately became fascinated about flying. She was just 10 years old. Her mother told her to wait until she was older. Soon enough she was getting flying lessons and when Elinor turned 16, she became the youngest person (man or woman) in United States to earn a pilot’s license.



Elinor went on to break many flying records. Not only had she broken gender barriers, she also had many awards and commendations to her name. The climax in the book tells of a particular challenge. Skeptics of Elinor’s flying skills and critics challenged her. So Elinor decided to do the unthinkable. Undertake a stunt flight under FOUR bridges situated along New York’s East River. This task was daunting not just because there were 4 bridges to conquer, but also because the flying involved unpredictable winds, ships sailing in different directions under these bridges and to top it all, the risk of losing her license.



The beautiful sweeping illustrations and the simply written book is a great read for all youngsters.. Although this book is about women breaking traditional male dominated roles, I also think its a great resource to teach children (girls and boys) about pursuing their dreams and not giving up no matter what challenges are posed.

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