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Curious Critters

line Curious Critters


by David FitzSimmons (Author, Photographer)

The Curious always learn!

David FitzSimmons is still learning! As he travels through North America looking for critters commonly found in nearby woodlands , in local lakes and sometimes in our own backyards, David clicks on his camera and captures stunning pictures of some fantastic critters. Photographed against a white backdrop, these 21 critters are portrayed in stunning detail. But what is more fantastic is the clever poses and personalities that David has been able to capture with his camera.
Curious Critters posing

Along with every animal, David has also included an educational snippet.  What we loved is how the snippet matches the personality of the animal in the picture. Told from the creature’s point of view, this little snippet is entertaining and enraging. What a fun way to keep young readers learning and reading! For example this Southern Flying Squirrel says : “Yes. I can fly. Just a secon. Okay. I spread my legs. Wait! Yes! I’m a bit jumpy, jittery… I spread them. Then I gracefully G    L    I   D   E…

Curious Critters flying squirrel

This Monarch caterpillar says… “It’s the most curious thing: A few minutes ago, he broke out of his covering and he’s a butterfly now. ..I guess like is all about change, and change looks good!

Curious Critters Caterpillar

At the back David also includes a nice Natural history description for parents to read aloud. There is also a neat match-the-silhouette activity to encourage little learners to remember the common names of the animals. A beautiful book all around! Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books


  1. stanleyandkatrina

    Wow, these are stunning. Thank you so VERY much for sharing!
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    • reshamad

      absolutely love sharing such finds! Thats what i love about the blog hop Thanks for stopping by Stanley and Katrina!

  2. Those photos are awesome!! So beautiful!

    • reshamad

      That was what caught my attention, but the text doesn’t disappoint either! Thanks for stopping by Renee


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