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The Bear who Shared

line The Bear who Shared
by Catherine Rayner (Author)

“A Perfect Bedtime Story”

Norris, the bear, has spotted a juicy ripe fruit hanging on a tree. And the fruit is about to fall down. So Norris is waiting patiently.

But his friends Tulip, the raccoon and Violet, the mouse, have also seen the fruit. And they can’t wait to get to it. They climb up right to the fruit and sniff it. They listen and even hug the fruit. And before they know it, the fruit falls down.. right into Norris’ lap! What will Norris do? Will he snatch it up and walk back to his cave to eat this delicious meal by his own? And what about Tulip and Violet, the two sad looking friends staring at him from up the tree?

There is beauty in simplicity! And this book has proven so. This is a lovely read to the little ones and to teach them about friendship and sharing.

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