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Where’s My Hug?

line Where’s My Hug?
by James Mayhew(Author), Sue Hellard(Illustrator)

“A great Bedtime story”

When Jake gets to school and his mother offers a hug, Jake refuses. He thinks that the kids at school will think he is a baby. But when he returns home from school, he wants demands his hug back. But his mom has already given the hug to his dad. So Jake asks his dad to give him his hug back. But his dad has given it to their cat. So Jake goes to that cat to ask for his hug back.. and so the story unfolds. Will jake ever get his hug back?

This is a gently story with great illustrations for little ones. James Mayhew weaves a sweet story out Jake looking for his hug passed on forward from his mom and ends up having to chase a wizard even! The illustrations match the mood of the story very well. Read this book to find out all the people and places that the “hug” has traveled and whether Jake is able to get it back!

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