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Odd Duck

line Odd Duck
by Cecil Castellucci (Author), Sara Varon (Illustrator)

First Impressions!

 Theodora is a duck with a routine. Her days are filled with routine exercises and swimming sessions at a nearby pond with a tea cup on head for perfect posture. Her afternoons are spent running errands at the grocery store, a visit to the craft store for occasional projects and finally a visit to the library for some interesting reads. All is well and her life is perfect. She wishes that nothing in her life would ever change.

Odd Duck Ts routine


Odd Duck Ts routine2

One day Theodora finds a moving truck in the empty house next door. It seems she has a new neighbor. By the look of things (smelly armchair, giant cardboard chicken, weeds in the pot!), Theodora is unsure about this odd duck with strange objects around his house. But Theodora makes an attempt to be gracious and invites Chad her new neighbor to her home. At the end of the visit, Theodora has determined  that she and Chad could never be friends!

Odd Duck friend

In the days that follow, Theodora keeps to herself and goes about her usual routine. It’s almost winter and all other ducks are flying off to warmer places. Theodora stays back and to her surprise finds her neighbor Chad has stayed back too!

Over the winter Theodora and Chad get to know each other better. They find things that they both liked such as gazing at stars at night, their mutual love for mango salsa and a love for books! Finally Theodora has to admit that “Maybe Chad was not so bad after all!”

What follows is a wonderful story about friendship, impressions and acceptance. We absolutely loved this tale. The author/illustrator duo have created a charming story in a “graphic novel” format. Word balloons, clear pastel colors and strong lines with lots and lots of whimsical, quirky details makes this book very endearing!

This tale has an age old theme of “be yourself”. The unique twist however comes when the “Odd Duck” seems to think that their world is quite normal while the others are somehow “different”. At the end, however, the “Odd Duck” realizes that being different, isn’t that bad after all.. 

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