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Somebody Loves you, Mr. Hatch

line Somebody Loves you, Mr. Hatch

by Eileen Spinelli (Author), Paul Yalowitz (Illustrator)

Sweet Touching Story

Mr. Hatch lives alone in his brick house. He is tall and thin and does not smile. And he has a routine. Everyday he wakes up at 6:30 and goes to work at the nearby shoelace factory. At lunchtime he sits alone. And so goes the story of Mr. Hatch a quite lonely man. One day, however, something strange happens. Mr. Hatch receives a large package in mail. Curious, Mr. Hatch opens it to find a large heart shaped box with a candy in it. Whats more, there is a note saying “Somebody loves you”. Mr. Hatch is quite taken with this note and the box of candy.

He can’t stop thinking about the box as goes about his daily chores. Finally something unexpected happens. Mr. Hatch laughs! The box has made Mr. Hatch a happy man indeed. He is cheerful and merry. His neighbors are surprised at the sudden change but are quite happy to see the old man have a smile on his face. Mr. Hatch is so affected, that he starts to meet and greet his neighbors. He talks to people he meets on his stops. He is merry and quite the entertainer at lunch at work. He is spontaneous and throws a sudden backyard cookie party for the kids in the community. He even plays his harmonica. Mr. Hatch is a changed man indeed…

Then one day Mr Hatch has a visitor. Its the mailman. The mailman admits that he has made a mistake and that the box was to be delivered to someone else. Mr. Hatch returns the box along with the note, but he is no longer cheery and merry. He is very very sad! Next day Mr. Hatch is back to his old ways.. but will he stay the same or will his new friends who have grown to care for him come to the rescue?

Eileen Spinelli’s easy to read, “feel good”, happily-ever-after story is complete with Paul Yalowitz’s color pencil illustration. The details on the illustrations show warm colors and change to gloomy and mellow yellow and brown to suit Mr. Hatch’s moods. “Somebody Loves you, Mr. Hatch” is such a great read for anyone from young children ages 4-5 to an adult.


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