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The Big Wet Balloon

line The Big Wet Balloon
By Liniers (Author, Illustrator)

A (car)Toon Book

 The Big Wet Balloon is a “toon” story inspired by Linier’s two daughters Matilda and Clementine. In this story, Matilda the older sister introduces to her younger sister Clementine the joys of rain on a Saturday.

Big Wet Balloon Excited about Saturday

Matilda is excited about Saturday. She is excited about all the fun things that she can do with Clementine on Saturday. She enumerates all the things that they could do together, which includes things like having a picnic and picking flowers. Little Clementine who can only repeat a few words that her sister speaks, is excited too. Until the two see that it’s pouring outside!

Big Wet Balloon Wet Day

Little Clementine is not very sure about the day being fun anymore. She doesn’t like getting wet. So Matilda shows her how fun it could be even when there is pouring rain!

Big Wet Balloon Enjoying the rain2

Finally Clementine gets the hang of it Smile and there is lots of fun to be had. Suddenly, the rain stops and a beautiful rainbow sparkles through the clouds. Matilda and Clementine look at it in awe. Matilda then decides that she needs to give something “colorful” to the rainbow and fetches Clementine’s Balloon. She lets the big wet balloon loose into the sky. Clementine runs after her balloon in order to retrieve it.. but its gone!

The story concludes on a happy note of course. Almost as if the author Linier wanted it to finish as a happy ending. But despite what I felt as a small flaw, the toon book was superbly done.

I loved the beautiful color palette, the expressive thought bubbles (adorable babbles from Clementine!) and the pacing of the story line. This was a great comic book for beginning toon readers either as a self-read or to read together.

Linier has an excellent back page guide on “How to read comics with kids”. The most useful tip to me was how to use your finger to show place in the text but not to cover the picture underneath it.

An excellent starter comic book for younger kids. Highly recommend this one from Liniers and can’t wait to find more!

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books


  1. I am not usually very good at reading comic-type books (nor comics) but this looks cute and as you said, would be an early starter for learning to read cartoons. The pictures in ‘toons express so much anyway!
    Always reading, ~ linda

    • reshamad

      I too was not sure about picking up graphic novels Linda. But this one and Odd Duck totally changed my mind Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Such a lovely book. I’ve been waiting to see it in person and am interested to see the ending now and how it fits with the storyline. Interesting observation!

    • reshamad

      Would love to know what you think about it Caryn.


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