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Poem Mobiles

line Poem Mobiles
by J.Patrick Lewis (Author), Douglas Florian (Author), Jeremy Homes (Illustrator)

Crazy Car Poems

 Crazy poems? Car poems? You got them both in this one delightful little book. 22 fantastical, futuristic, clever poems by an U.S Children’s Poet Laureate (Lewis) and an award-winning children’s poet (Florian) will capture the imagination of the youngest in your house!

We first read rave reviews and were excited to find this book @ Sue’s KidLit site: here


Train means train, bus means bus,

Truck means truck, for most of us.

So auto out to mean, you see,

Auto automatically

But someday our fantastic cars

Might look like cool dark chocolate bars,

Banana splits, hot dogs or fish-

Or any kind of ride you wish.

And so we’d like to offer you

A futuristic sneak preview

Of wacky cars, fender to fin.

Now turn the page and take a spin.

So begins this “Fun”-tastic book of poems on crazy cars! Take a ride in the “Fish car” which looks like a fish with a tremendous fin! This car is complete with sharp teeth and gills down its side. Take a ride to the bottom of the sea in this “Fish Car”.

Poem Mobile Fish Car

Maybe you would like the “Bathtub Car”. This car comes with hot water heating and porcelain seating! With all the sudsy bubbles, you’ll forget all kinds of troubles J I know I want one!

Poem Mobile Bathtub Car

My favorite pick would be the “Giant Bookmobile of Tomorrow”. Why you ask? For one, the driver is the Gingerbread Man, and the Fuel: Imagination Power !! Lewis and Florian say:

“My bookmobile has just one goal:

To entertain on cruise control”

Poem Mobile Bookmobile

And if none of these satisfy your futuristic palette, then how about these:

  1. Mini-Mini car
  2. Eel-ectric Car
  3. Jurrasic Park (ing)
  4. The Dragonwagon
  5. The Paper car
  6. The Backwards Car
  7. High-Heel Car
  8. 23rd Century Motors
  9. Balloon Car
  10. The Caterpillar Cab
  11. The Egg Car
  12. Hot Dog Car
  13. The Sloppy-Floppy Nonstop-Jalopy
  14. Grass Taxi
  15. The Love Car
  16. The Banana Split Car
  17. The Supersonic Ionic Car
  18. The Rubber Band Car

These quirky, inventive poems, masterfully illustrated with highly detailed artwork is a delight to read to every child. A unique book of poems!

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Bette World Books


  1. What a great book. Reviewed ths a couple weeks back and couldn’t believe how ingenious these two poets can be. Kids will enjoy these wacky cars and the poems that go with them. Love the bookmobile.

    • reshamad

      Sue! Thanks for pointing that out. I just updated my review with a link back. Always looking for ways to find great books, but never remember where we first saw them I also vaguely remember seeing the reviews floating on non fiction Mondays! Thanks for stopping by !

  2. What a fun little book. I love the illustrations!

    • reshamad

      Thanks for stopping by Annie. It is indeed very well illustrated!

  3. I can see my little boy getting pretty excited about this one in a year or two! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday! Looking forward to seeing what you have to share this week!

    • reshamad

      I am sure little one will like this one Tina. It is very imaginative!

  4. Oh, this one definitely catches your eye. Sounds like it would be a great find for Poetry Month, especially since I love Doug Florian.

    • reshamad

      Nice! Florian’s poetry is so much fun and we loved this one as well!


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