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Three Ladies Beside the Sea

line Three Ladies Beside the Sea
by Rhoda Levine (Author), Edward Gorey (Illustrator) 


“Once there were three houses

That stood beside the sea;

In each house lived a lady

Of great Nobility.”

The three ladies, Edith, Catherine and Alice were friends who lived in the three houses beside the sea. Edith was a jolly lady, Catherine was always smiling. Alice however had the unusual hobby, she loved to climb a tree.

Three Ladies Beside the Sea houses

Now Edith and Catherine were not the kind to interfere. The two ladies thought that it would be very indiscreet to talk about this unusual activity!

Three Ladies Beside the Sea ladies

Edith, Catherine and Alice liked to sit by the sea shore and play music occasionally. On one such occasion, while Alice was fetching tea for everyone, Edith and Catherine mused why they simply didn’t ask Alice about her tree climbing and gazing obsession.

Three Ladies Beside the Sea Alice

Alice admits that her unusual passion to be very inconvenient, but she is still driven to climb the tree. Edith and Catherine, being good friends, offer to help of course! But will their suggestions work? Will Alice ever come down the tree? 

“Three Ladies Beside the Sea” is a charming and eccentric story, with an Edwardian style to it. Written in rhyme, this imaginative tale is illustrated by Edward Gorey. Fans will relate to his pen and ink sketches. Although Gorey is known for his “dark” Poe like artwork, his drawings work superbly in this short poem-story.

We liked this simple tale of friendship and trust. The underlying message seems to be that friends can be unusual and quirky, but they are still friends! For grown-ups there is a more sublime message of loving, longing and of dreaming on!

A lovely little treasure to read and re-read.

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